dive adventures

Day 1

Arrive on Koh Chang, check in hotel                                                Night koh Chang

Day 2
Dive/snorkel trip to HTMS Chang and a local coral site                    Night koh Chang

Day 3
Dive/snorkel trip to Koh Rang national park, boat to Koh Mak            Night Koh Mak

Day 4
Dive/snorkel trip Koh Mak or Koh rang national park                         Night Koh Mak

Day 5

Dive/snorkel trip on Koh Mak or Koh Kood, boat to Koh Kood          Night Koh Kood

Day 6
Dive trip on koh Kood                                                                       Night koh Kood

Day 7
Koh Kood, end of package dive trip.

1 week adventure


7 days island hopping


5 days diving or snorkeling


6 nights on 3 different islands

7 day planning